Bonus Event - "Show us your Splits"

Row 4000m (8 x 500m)

Rower chooses their own split time and their own stroke rate.


To complete the workout -

  • All 8 (500m) splits must be completed in the same time, at the same pace and with the same stroke rate.
  • Average split time and average pace must also match the 8 splits.
  • Upload a photo of your result to facebook or instagram and use the hashtags #RowSeries #ShowUsYourSplits.
  • To be eligible for the prize, athletes must be registered for ROW Series 2017 before completing the workout.
  • The first 10 successful athletes will receive a refund of their entry fee.
  • Athletes have until Sunday 2nd July 9pm (BST) to complete and upload your score.


So close....

Setting up the Monitor

Set up your monitor using the Single Distance feature, with splits set to 500m.



1 - Select Workout

2 - New Workout

3 - Single Distance

4 - Set distance to 4000m

5 - Change Split Length to 500m

6 - Select OK and begin

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