See below for instructions on setting up the monitor and how to find the scores you need to submit.


Row 7,500m for time

with 1,500m splits


Scores are:
A) Time middle 1,500m

B) Total time

Setting up the monitor

Set up your monitor using the Single Distance feature. Rolling starts are permitted, except for the first rep. Row must be set up as per below instructions.



1 - Select Workout

2 - New Workout

3 - Single Distance

4 - Set distance to 7,500m

5 - Set interval distance to 1,500m and press OK

6 - Begin

Getting your score


1 - Select Memory

2 - List by Date

3 - All workouts should be listed.  Ensure that the top workout is selected.

4 - Select the magnifying glass

5 - Your scores should be displayed

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