IMPORTANT: See below for instructions on setting up the monitor and how to find the scores you need to submit.



Row 1,000m



3A: First 250m time

3B: 1,000m time


Setting up the Monitor

Set up your monitor using the Intervals: Distance feature. Row must be set up as per below instructions.



1 - Select Workout

2 - New Workout

3 - Intervals

4 - Intervals: Distance

5 - Set distance to 250m, rest to 0:00 minutes

5 - Select OK and begin

IMPORTANT: Remember to press "MENU" after you have completed 4 intervals.



Getting your Score



1 - Select Memory

2 - List by Date

3 - All workouts should be listed.  Ensure that the top workout is selected.

4 - Select the magnifying glass

5 - Your scores should be displayed

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