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ROWS PRO at its simplest, is a set of workouts released weekly for you to undertake in your own time. If you are looking for motivation, encouragement, support, progress, results, varied rowing workouts, weekly plans… you are in the right place.

One of two plans are programmed to follow; Performance for the more serious rower wanting to see specific improvements in the sport, or Pace, for those wanting to supplement other focuses or purely looking, for various reasons, for a structured weekly rowing plan.

All workouts can be undertaken by all levels of ability and fitness. ROWS PRO Leaders are on hand to give feedback and advice on your workouts, as these can be posted within the group.


Fundamentally, and whatever your personal reasons for rowing, it is one of the best exercises for all round fitness and health. Rowing not only complements a whole range of sports, but it is arguably one of the best exercises you can do for a multitude of benefits:


  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Increase muscle
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Full body workout in one
  • Increase stamina


Not many other sports activate as many muscles as rowing (85% of the musculature), target both cardiovascular and strength in the same breath, burn as many calories (from approx. 600 cals an hour), and all while being low impact reducing stress on your body.

When was the last time you heard of a rowing related injury?

Rowing can be a solitary workout for obvious reasons, but here in ROWS PRO you can face the challenges together and be part of a community of like-minded rowers, having that support and encouragement behind you. And if you need it, accountability!


ROWS PRO is for anyone who recognised something in the WHY. It’s as simple as that!

The ROWS Leader Team have years of experience in coaching, training, and themselves taking part in various sporting disciplines including indoor rowing, Crossfit, marathons, ultra-marathons, weightlifting, triathlons, swimming, yoga, with two of the fitness coaches specialising in indoor rowing, Crossfit, and Olympic weightlifting.

By not only having a focus on rowing but a cross-section of sporting experience and knowledge, the team recognise the benefits of applying indoor rowing to almost any training.


The programme has two options: Pace or Performance. They will both be released together each week regardless of which plan you choose so you will see both, allowing a larger training community and support network. However, unless you have specifically spoken to Leaders, please only undertake the workouts in your chosen programme, we do not want any over-training or additional stresses involved.

Pace is ideal if you want to include rowing in your weekly training but don’t know where to start, and where a structured programme of varied workouts will keep you motivated. You could be looking to lose weight, improve general fitness, improve strength, supplement another sporting focus, or vary your current training


  • 3 workouts released each Sunday for that week
  • A mixture of High Intensity Interval Training sessions and longer cardio pieces (nothing above 40 minutes), to develop your anaerobic and aerobic capacities
  • No testing!
  • No cycle of training, simply a consistent structured weekly programme

Performance is a structured cycle of workouts to specifically improve your rowing times and prowess

This involves a series of cycles:


  • Each cycle lasts 10 weeks
  • Each week contains 3 workouts to be completed within your schedule
  • Programmes released weekly every Sunday
  • Workouts will be approx. 40 minutes or less
  • 2,000m row will be tested in the tenth week to monitor progress


The first 3 weeks of a cycle will include 9 different rows, after this point some workouts may be repeated to see how you compare to your previous score. Workouts will be based on your current 2K, so you will need this when commencing the programme. It’s obviously not all about your 2K time but it will be used as a benchmark, other capacities will also be tested throughout to allow us to keep track of your overall progress

Steady testing should also mean a fairly frequent sense of achievement by beating your previous results!

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